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Learn languages online with qualified teachers wherever and whenever you want.

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Online sessions + Live teachers.

The perfect formula to learn languages quickly.

Created by Berlitz, the leader in language teaching since 1878, Berlitz Flex represents the latest evolution of language learning, with live lessons via video call and self-study exercises to boost your progress that allow you to learn languages quickly and effectively.

E-learning sessions available 24/7

Learn whenever you want on the Berlitz Flex platform with on-demand content available 24/7 and voice recognition function to practice freely and increase your speaking confidence.

An instructor always at your disposal

At the beginning of the course, your teacher helps you to develop your study plan. Then you participate in periodic lessons set according to your needs.

At the scheduled time you connect with your teacher and take part in the video call lesson.

Your language goes up one level

The 12-month course consists of 60 lessons: 40 of e-learning on the platform and 20 with a live online instructor. After completing the course, you will have improved your language by one Berlitz level.

Start improving your language today.
Berlitz Flex makes it easier than ever.  

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Fast, flexible and personalized learning.

Unlike many online courses, Berlitz Flex is a results-driven course that focuses on level progression. Your dream of speaking fluently is within reach, with a great return on investment.

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Personalized attention

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